Over the years, I co-edited three academic books:

Basisboek Ethiek, Amsterdam: Boom, 2014, edited together with Martin van Hees and Thomas Nys [in Dutch]

Measuring Justice: Primary Goods and Capabilities, Cambridge University Press, 2010, edited together with Harry Brighouse.

Capabilities, Freedom and Equality: Amartya Sen's Work from a Gender Perspective, 2006, edited together with Bina Agarwal and Jane Humphries, Delhi: Oxford University Press. This is an expanded version (for the South-Asian Market) of Amartya Sen's Work and Ideas: A Gender Perspective, 2005, edited together with Bina Agarwal and Jane HUmprhies, Routledge.

In December 2017, I published the open-access monograph
Wellbeing, Freedom and Social Justice: The Capability Approach Re-examined, Cambridge: Open Book Publishers.

The PDF of the book can be downloaded for free from the publisher's website; hardcopies can be bought from the publisher's website or from the usual online stores (although those tend not to have open access books in stock, they do sell them).

There are no rights to be cleared or copyright fees to be paid for reproduction (with proper referencing to the source) or for translation, since the book is published under a Creative Commons CC BY 04 license.